The Buffalo Heartbreak

Josh Allen meets to shake hands with Patrick Mahomes after a devastating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional playoff round

In probably one of the most epic games in postseason history, Buffalo Bills fans felt a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. As a Bills fan, I have never been so devastated after a game. We must tip our caps to the Chiefs because they played an incredible game and were slightly the better team on Sunday night. Now, we wait for another offseason in hopes that the Bills can finally get their first Super Bowl win next year.

This game seems to sting more than any other Bills game I have watched. I will definitely never forget watching this game. I was at the Harp in Boston and the entire sports both (both upstairs and downstairs) were packed with passionate Bills fans. With 13 seconds left in the game, I remember the entire bar was jumping up and down while we thought we just witnessed the greatest game in Buffalo Bills history.

I am not going to tell you the highlights of the game because we all know how it ended. However, I want to explain to you how I feel as a Bills fan. This incredible city absolutely loves our Buffalo Bills and I have never seen a sports fanbase like Bills Mafia.

When Josh Allen watched Patrick Mahomes score the game winning touchdown in overtime, he didn’t go straight to shake hands with Mahomes and go to the locker room. He sat on the bench and watched the Chiefs celebrate. He looked around Arrowhead Stadium and took in all of the pain of that moment. Allen said, “It was tough to be in that moment. Holding on to that feeling and making sure that we don’t feel like this again. And like I said, back-to-back years in the same spot. It’s tough to take in, but it’s part of the game. It’s part of the learning process”.

That’s something I want to hear in our quarterback. He is an incredible competitor and I really believe that he will lead us to a Super Bowl victory very soon.

There is something about our fanbase that is unlike any other NFL fanbase. It seems like every year in the past several years, we have just come up short. Last year against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game was a great example. This city and fanbase have always loved our team no matter what.

We will continue to love this team. The Bills are our identity. We live and die by the Bills. I can honestly say that I don’t know another NFL fanbase with fans as passionate as us. So here we go into 2022 with a chip on our shoulder, ready to win our first super bowl. The best is yet to come, keep believing Buffalo.

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