Mamba Mentality

Two years ago on January 26th, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna passed away in a helicopter crash outside of Calabasas, California. This moment was a tragic for millions of people and sports fans around the world. Kobe’s legacy will forever live on. I was never a Lakers fan, but I always idolized his work ethic, tenacity, love for his family, and leadership he showed every day.

Kobe Bryant once said, “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do”. This is one of my favorite quotes of all time and he truly embodied these words. He inspired the world around him to be great through his work ethic, love, and leadership. He always set the example and people would be inspired to chase their dreams from just watching him.

In Kobe Bryant’s book, Mamba Mentality, he talks about how his mindset sets him apart from everyone else on the court. The Mamba Mentality is about prioritizing your goals and doing everything possible to achieve them. It’s about obsession. It’s about greatness and love for what you do.

Kobe also talked about how you need to be about greatness. Talking about big goals is easy. Everyone will tell you about all the great things they will accomplish but most people do not have the audacity and courage to chase them. I take this to heart. I admit that I am sometimes at fault for doing the exact thing he says not to do; talking about it and not being about it. Kobe reminds me that if I want to accomplish the things I set out to do, I must have a relentless work ethic and intense dedication if I want to get there.

Not only does Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and mentality inspire me, but his love for his family does as well. He is a true family man and cared so much about his family. He cared deeply about the success of his daughters and helped them achieve their goals. Through Gianna, he inspired a lot of women around the world to chase their dreams in sports. Kobe’s impact was felt all over the globe.

Let’s take this time to remember the great Kobe Bryant. Let’s embody his values and let him inspire us to chase down our goals. To Kobe, Gianna, and the rest of the crew killed in the helicopter crash, you will always be remembered. The Mamba Mentality will always live on.

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