The Life of an MIT Graduate Student

On September first, 2021, I walked onto MIT’s campus for the first time not knowing what to expect. I was originally surprised to see so many international students at MIT. I have really enjoyed seeing different perspectives from my friends around the globe. Many of my classmates have different views than I do but I think it is important to understand where everyone comes from, and I like to hear what my classmates have to say. At West Point, many of my classmates had similar views, and almost every cadet was from the U.S. This year has been quite a change in pace for me. I really enjoy my program and I like the diversity of classes that I can take.

I took three classes this past semester: Statistics, Computation and Applications (IDS.131), Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (15.011), and Concepts and Research in Technology and Policy (IDS.411). IDS.131 was incredibly challenging for me. I have never opened a python file before I took this class. Next thing I knew, I was expected to code Machine Learning Algorithms. Thank god I had the help of my classmates to teach me how to code along the way.

I am also doing a thesis in Artificial Intelligence Policy. I have an incredible Research Advisor who is the director of the World AI Policy Project at MIT. I have read AI policies from many different countries and I am developing an AI policy that will hopefully help the United States to continue to lead the world in Artificial Intelligence capabilities while doing it in an ethical way.

Now, I am about to start my second semester. I am expecting to take classes at the Harvard Kennedy School, MIT’s Business school (Sloan), and a class that my program sponsors. I am very excited to continue to learn about new things and I will keep an open mind.