Episode 1: Chandler Smith

Chandler Smith is a professional CrossFit athlete and more importantly, a former Army wrestler. Chandler took 6th at the 2020 CrossFit games, and he is now looking to bring home the crown in the next few years. He graduated from West Point in 2015 and was a former armor officer. He was captain of the Army wrestling team his senior year in 2015.

I asked Chandler, what is the one thing that sets you apart? What’s the one thing that you do that allows you to be one of the best athletes in the world?

His response was Consistency. Consistency is the key. I absolutely love that. Consistency is something that I could use more of and is absolutely necessary when chasing your dreams.

I want to thank Chandler for coming on for my first episode. He is doing great things and I hope to get a few workouts in with him this summer!

Make sure to check out the podcast!

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