Remaining Nonpartisan in the Ukraine-Russia War

As you all know, Russia has declared war on Ukraine and is attempting to overthrow the Ukrainian democratically elected government. I have not seen anything quite like this in my entire life. I am fueled with emotions and constantly following what is happening right now in Ukraine.

However, as military members, we must remain Nonpartisan – especially on social media. As military members, we must support the decisions of the President of the United States, Vice President, and Secretary of Defense. Soldiers cannot condemn the decisions of our country’s leaders. We must support their decisions and support the Ukrainian people.

Not only does partisan activity on social media erode trust between the military and the American people, but it also violates UCMJ law and the Department of Defense Directive. We need to be united as a country and support the decisions of our leaders.

I understand that many of us have not seen anything like this. It is easy to get engulfed by emotions and speak out on decisions that are made in the United States. However, I encourage our military members to be professional and have full trust in our government. Let’s be united as a country and be ready for the future ahead. I will continue to support the Ukrainian people and keep them in my prayers.

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